Recipe for Chocolate Mousse (intermediate)

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In this articles, you will find a video recipe on how to make chocolate mousse and some questions

1) Please watch the video twice without looking at the transcript below and try to answer these questions:

What two ingredients do you need to make this chocolate mousse?

What kind of chocolate is Mrs Reardon's favourite?

2) Now, listen to the video again and try to fill in the gaps in the text below.

Welcome to How To Cook That I am ____ Reardon and today we are making a super easy two ingredient _________ mousse[1]. And you will not ________ how simple this is to make. The first thing you will need is some chocolate of course. I am using some dark, milk and white. And then to each one of those we are going to add some _____ water. I'll put the exact[2] amountsof water that you need for each type of chocolate on the website for you.
Microwave that for _____ seconds and then stir [3]and and you'll see it is not quite smooth[4]but we do need to stir it in the middle here. And then microwave it for another ____ seconds, stir it again and you can see now that it is all melted [5]and smooth. Do the ____ thing with your milk chocolate and your dark chocolate you can use just one type of chocolate ifyou don't want to layer[6] it. But do make sure that you using good quality chocolate thatcontains [7]cocoa butter. Just check your ingredients if it says it has __________ fat in it thenit no going to taste as good. Pour each on into a seperate plastic bag, seal [8]it up andflatten[9]it out like this. Then you want to place each of those in the _______ for about an hour. Take it out of the freezer rip[10] open the bag and place thecold mixture into a bowl and whip [11]it on high speed until it is smooth. Then add in thechilled [12]water a little at a time and whip it on high speed each time until it is theconsistency of a thick _______. Pour [13]that into a piping bag or a plastic bag with the cornercut off and then pipe that into glasses. Gently tap[14] the glasses on the counter [15]just to flattenout the edges and the top. And then place that in the ______ while you do the next one. Grab[16]your bag of milk chocolate and whip it with the beaters, add in the cold water and whiskit in and this milk chocolate one is my favourite one. If you are only going to make one, makethis one. Pipe it over the top of the dark one and then chill it in the fridge again.
This recipe is inspired by one from a ______ chemist Dr Herve. But after experimentingwith it I've changed the method completely. In his you hand whisk[17] the mixture overa bowl [18]of iced water for about ______ minutes. And the result is never as fluffy [19]or as smoothas making it this way. And this way you don't have to stand there for ten minutes hand whisking.So it is a lot easier. Leave the _______in the fridge for about 30 minutes and it isready to serve. I told you it was super simple. And because it is just water and chocolateit tastes of- well pure[20] chocolate. Share this video with someone who _______ chocolate.

[1]mousse - a light, airy cream
[2]exact - complete, correct
[3]to stir - to mix a liquid with a spoon
[4]smooth - example: smooth as a baby's bottom
[5]to melt - example: snow melts, ice melts, chocolate melts
[6]layer - level of material, example: the ozone layer
[7]to contain - to have something inside
[8]to seal - to close something so nothing can get in
[9]to flatten - to make something flat
[10]to rip - to pull apart, to tear
[11]to whip - example: to whip cream
[12]chilled - cool, cold
[13]to pour - example: I poured myself a cup of coffee.
[14]to tap - to hit gently
[15]counter - kitchen counter, the table in the kitchen
[16]to grab - to take
[17]to whisk - similar to to whip
[18]bowl - a deep dish, example: a bowl of fruit
[19]fluffy - soft like wool; light, airy,
[20]pure - not mixed with anything else

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