Symbols of the United Kingdom I (pre-intermediate)

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Below you can see the individual flags and symbols of the parts of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

For England it's the Cross of St George and a rose. St George's Cross was originally used by the Republic of Genoa (Janov) and during the time of the crusades became associated with the warrior saint, St George. Many countries have since claimed him for their patron saint and the St George Cross has formed a part of the Pan-English Union Jack since the 17th century and the reign of King James I.
The Tudor rose (aka The Rose of England) was adopted as English national emblem during the War of the Roses as a symbol of peace. As you can see the rose combines both the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster, the two rival houses.

Scotland's national flag is called the Saltire or The St Andrew's Cross. As it dates back as far as the 9th century, it is considered the oldest national flag still in use.

The national floral symbol of Scotland is the thistle. According to legend an army of Norse Vikings had once tried to sneak up at night on a Scottish army camp, only one of the Vikings happened to step on a thistle in the dark. His cry of pain woke the Scots and so the thistle saved them from the surprise attack.

Info on the symbols and flags of Wales and Northern Ireland will be coming up in Part II.


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1 Steve Steve | E-mail | 28. dubna 2018 v 12:03 | Reagovat

Most people assume the shamrock is the national flower of Northern Ireland but contrary to popular belief, it isn't. The actual flower of Northern Ireland is the Flax. This can be found on the crest of the police force and the flag of the government.

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