Březen 2016

Homework II

10. března 2016 v 9:34 | Gren |  For Wed. 6.30pm
This shouldn't surprise you, but you've got homework for next week. :) Don't worry, it's fun.

Dara O'Briain explains modern science (stand-up comedy) (advanced)

10. března 2016 v 9:33 | Gren |  Listening
Dara O'Briain is a successful Irish comedian who lives in the UK and has made several DVDs of his shows. One of my favourite of his is The Craic Dealer. (craic in Irish means fun, but crack dealer is a name for someone who sells cocain)

This video is a three-minute routine on how we don't understand the world around us.

Useful Language for FCE Speaking

3. března 2016 v 20:07 | Gren |  For Kamila
First, allow me to post here the links to the useful FCE site.

Secondly, here's some of the useful phrases that you can use in the speaking part of your exam.

Homework - reading (beginner)

3. března 2016 v 19:00 For Václav

Here is your homework. Please, read the text and learn Level 2 on Memrise:

Vocabulary&Homework (FCE)

3. března 2016 v 10:27 | Gren |  For Kamila

here's a link to an e-learning course with new vocabulary from our lessons. Please, check it out. I find the memrise platform very useful for learning new vocabulary quickly and effectively.

Also please as homework do these FCE excercises

Vocabulary for Wednesday group

2. března 2016 v 20:00 | Gren |  For Wed. 6.30pm
Hi guys!

I have decided to emulate Filip in his creating a vocabulary bank online as an e-learning course. Here's a link to your Memrise course including today's new vocabulary.

Have fun planting those flowers :D


1. března 2016 v 17:55 Homework for David
Short homework due on the 3rd March

Symbols of the United Kingdom II (pre-intermediate)

1. března 2016 v 10:45 | Gren |  Reading
As you can see this articles is titled Symbols of the United Kingdom II, so naturally you can surmise that it's a continuation on a Part I. Here's part I.

Now that we've done that, let's go to part II.