Symbols of the United Kingdom II (pre-intermediate)

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As you can see this articles is titled Symbols of the United Kingdom II, so naturally you can surmise that it's a continuation on a Part I. Here's part I.

Now that we've done that, let's go to part II.

As you can see above the flag of Wales is a red dragon on a field of white and green. White and green have been included in the Welsh flag since the Battle of Bosworth by Henry VII (father of Henry VIII, the one who married six times and had two of his wives beheaded). Green and white were considered the Tudor colours, (the Tudors originated from Wales) but they are also the colours of leek, another national emblem of Wales.

The more famous and prominent of the Welsh symbols is the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr. (Cadwaladr was a king of Gwynedd, a kingdom that arose in the northwest Wales in the 5th century.) We don't know for sure where the red dragon as a welsh symbol originated, but that hasn't stopped the theories. For example it is popularly believed that a red dragon was the battle standard of both the legendary King Arthur and King Cadwaladr, who might have copied the draco standards carried by Roman calvalry.
Northern Ireland doesn't actually have a government sanctioned flag and during official events the British government uses the Union Flag (the official flag of the UK) and sometimes the government uses the St Patrick's Cross to represent Norhtern Ireland.

St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, however, most of the nationalists in Northern Ireland reject the St Patrick's Saltire as a British invention.

The floral symbol of Northern Ireland is the shamrock (a young clover). It is meant to symbolise the Holy Trinity. It is said that when St Patrick began the christianising of Ireland in the 5th century, he used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Well, this is it for the symbols of the UK.

If any of you reading this and find yourself wondering why I only seemed to pick some symbols and didn't include others, it's because this isn't the Wikipedia. It's not meant to tell you all there is to know about a subject. This blog is here for people who want to learn English and some interesting info besides.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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