E-learning (2)

19. července 2016 v 15:28 |  For David
Another e-learning lesson.
Expect another lesson on Thursday, at 3.30pm. Contact me, if inconvenient

Language practice

1) Imagine it is Saturday morning. Answer your friend, Isaac's, questions.

Would you like to go out this morning or stay in?
Isaac: What would you like to do?
Isaac: What about this afternoon? Would you rather go to town or go to the park?
Isaac: What would you like to do there?
Isaac: There's a chat show and a soap on TV tonight. Which do you prefer?
Isaac: Okay, that's fine.

Complete the sentences with these words: prefer, mind, stand, rather, like, hate

1. I___________ painting to drawing. prefer
2. I can't __________ hockey. I think it's boring. stand
3. Would you __________ be a singer or an actor? rather
4. Why do you _________ wearing a uniform? I think it's okay. hate
5. I don't like French but I don't _______ maths. mind
6. What would you __________ to do after school? like


Watch the video first without subtitles, then with subtitles.

Try to answer these questions:
1) Who do the Men in Black talk to? people who have seen UFOs or are researching them
2) Who claims the 1st encounter with Men in Black? When was this? Harold Dahl, in 1947
3)What other people met the Men in Black? Mr Richardson, Jack Robinson, Dr Hopkins, Dan Akroyd, Shane Sovar
4) Are the two narrators taking the matter seriously? No, they aren't.


2) Reading

A Day in the life of Leo Thomas

My name's Leo. I'm sixteen and I'm a student. I study for about twenty hours a week but I don't go to school. No, I'm not breaking the rules - I'm home-educated. That means I study at home and my parents help me with my education.

I started home education about twelve monthes ago and I really like it. I didn't like my old school because I didn't learn very much. And the uniform was awful! I prefer wearing my own clothes every day. I like organising my own timetable, too, with my parents' help! They are quite strict, so I have to work hard. I do my exams at my old school, but that's only once or twice a year. I use the Internet a lot for my studies and we've got lots of books at home. I sometimes use the local library, too. This week, I'm doing a project on the environment.

So, what do I do every day? Well, I get up at about 8 a.m. and have formal lessons, so I sometimes work with my parents and sometimes alone. I study the same subjects as in school, but I organise my own work. I finish for lunch at about 12.30 p.m. I usually study again in the afternoon and I always do some music practice. I play the saxophone until about 5 p.m. I'm practising for a competition at the moment.

Some people think that home-educated kids are lonely but my life is the same as most teenagers' lives. I still get on well with all my friends from school. I get together with them every week and we go swimming, watch a DVD or go shopping. I e-mail other home-educated kids and we exchange ideas and information.

Are there any problems with home-education? Well, I never go on school trips and I can't take part in school plays or concerts. I don't really mind that because I prefer learning at home to being at school.

a) Read the whole text and write Leo's timetable.
b) Answer these questions. (Highlight for correct answers)
  • How long ago has Leo started home education? Twelve months ago.
  • Why did he leave his old school? He didn't like the uniforms and he didn't learn much.
  • Does he like learning at home? Why? Yes, he does. He likes organising his own timetable.
  • Does he miss his old friends? No, he sees them every week.
c) Write down advantages and disadvantages of home education.

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